Meet the Agent Catcher

My name is Ryan Frydenberg.

I am a full-time real estate referral specialist making a living helping buyers and sellers connect with the top producing agents in your area. I work with the #1 agents around the world. I founded Agent Catcher because I believe the public should have access to the stats and best possible realtor to meet their needs. Now they do!

About Us

Fostering Connection

It happens millions of times each year. Homebuyers and sellers reach out to realtors with high hopes of making the most of their hard-earned assets and achieving major life changes. Each transaction is unique, providing its own set of victories and challenges. Getting the right realtor for the right project is crucial. Even more difficult is finding the right realtor-client match. Realtor-client connection is an often overlooked but critical factor in successfully buying or selling a home.

At Agent Catcher, everything we do is designed to foster and deepen that connection.

From the way we engage with our customers to our commitment to matching you with the perfect realtor, we ensure you have the best representation and care possible. We have matched thousands of buyers and sellers with top-performing agents to ensure a successful experience.

Find a top realtor. It only takes a minute.

Our History

From One to Thousands

Back in 2015, I stumbled across a gentleman who was very frustrated with his real estate experience. Having already gone through two agents, he was fed up with trying to sell his property. As a real estate agent myself, I understood the enormous amount of stress and heartache buyers and sellers go through every day of their search. Having an inexperienced agent only complicates issues. I immediately empathized with him.

Luckily, I happened to know the top performing agent in his market area and was able to facilitate a connection. The man’s property sold for top dollar. At that point, I already had 13 years of experience in referral and sales, so sharing the connection should have felt like standard operating procedure.

But suddenly something clicked:

The Agent Catcher process that I’d developed – and already had great success with – had so much more potential than just benefitting my circle of referral partners and clients. High-quality real estate referrals don’t just move properties back and forth. They change the courses of peoples entire lives.

Within 24 hours of successfully connecting that gentleman with a top performing agent, I realized how many people my Agent Catcher process could benefit.

Helping others through real estate may have started out as a one-time favor, but it quickly erupted into a booming business. Since then, I have become the top referral specialist in the United States. Finding the perfect agent to meet your specific needs is why I created Agent Catcher.

Let’s find the agent you’ve been looking for. Connect with me today.

Ryan Frydenberg, aka “The Agent Catcher”